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Stock Screener Moving Average Crossover

When a longer term moving average crossover a shorter term moving average, it generates a bullish signal for swing traders. The stock screener moving average crossover scans the stock market for moving average crossover patterns. We use 5 different moving average crossover signals such as the 5 day, 10 day, 15 day, 20 day and 30 day moving averages.

Short term traders will use a smaller moving average than longer term traders. We do not include 50 day moving average nor 200 day moving averages in this stock screener because they are usually used by long term investors. For traders who use exponential moving average crossovers, please use the exponential moving average crossover screener.

Moving Average Screener

The moving average screener is updated daily at the end of each day to reflect the latest changes and include new stocks that are forming a moving average crossover pattern. Select a moving average and start using the moving average crossover screener to find bullish stocks to watch.

& Crossover

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5day & 10day Moving Average Crossover 1/24/2020

Symbol Chart Open High Low Close Volume % Change Stock Predictions
HMY 3.54 3.67 3.52 3.67 4033200 4.86% HMY Stock Predictions
MTB 170.82 173.44 168.09 171.49 1282200 0.66% MTB Stock Predictions
BGS 16.41 16.41 16.20 16.35 701200 0.06% BGS Stock Predictions
AME 101.16 101.23 99.20 99.57 826700 -1.20% AME Stock Predictions
EWZ 46.87 46.97 46.29 46.49 17432463 -1.21% EWZ Stock Predictions
EFOI 0.63 0.63 0.59 0.59 407032 -4.84% EFOI Stock Predictions
BCRX 3.00 3.03 2.71 2.81 4876800 -6.33% BCRX Stock Predictions

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Moving Average Crossover

Moving Average Crossover is a popular technical indicator that traders use to trade stocks. It is best used when combine with other indicators such as the volume. The above shows stocks with moving average crossover, you can get the same stock list with our free mobile apps.

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