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Uptrend Stocks

Uptrend Stocks is an uptrend stock screener to scan for a list of stocks in an uptrend. These are stocks that have being going up for a few consecutive days. Traders may be able to find strong stocks that are on the rise or stocks that are recovering from a previous pull back.

Uptrend Stock Screener

The uptrend stock screener is updated each day after market closed.

Last Updated Jun 14, 2024
Symbol Chart Open High Low Close Volume % Change
MREO 4.00 4.41 3.99 4.25 5.85M 6.52%
AVGO 1686.86 1747.24 1682.10 1735.04 6.82M 3.34%
PD 20.99 21.74 20.78 21.58 1.48M 2.86%
TQQQ 72.95 74.21 72.73 74.17 35.57M 1.45%
COHR 70.20 72.49 70.01 71.75 2.57M 1.17%

Trend Following Strategy

Trend following is a popular strategy utilize by swing traders. The essential strategy is to always trade with the trend instead of against it. When a trend is in a long term uptrend, we can only go long on a stock, whereas we can only short a stock when a stock is in a downtrend.

Trying to buy a stock on a downtrend is like catching a falling knife. You never know how low it can go and you may get stuck in the middle of a downtrend.

Unfortunately for stock market beginners, they always do the exact opposite. They are looking for cheap stocks that are on a bargain compared to their historical prices. A stock is cheap for a reason, and they can get even cheaper.

Some of them are never willing to buy an expensive stock, so they missed out on stocks like Amazon, Microsoft, Tesla, Apple and many other tech leaders. Their reasoning is that if I have only $10,000 to invest, I can only own a small amount of shares.

What they don't realize is that the number of shares they own has nothing to do whether or not a stock will go up. They should be focusing on the percentage of gains or losses, instead of the actual number of shares. A $100 stock can go up to $1,000 or even more like Amazon did, and a $5 stock can go to $0.

When a stock goes to $0, it doesn't matter if you own 1 share or 100,000 shares, your stock value will still be $0. With that being say, one should never be afraid to trade expensive stocks.

Trend Lines

To identify trending stocks, we can either look the daily or weekly chart for swing trading. We can only trade with the trend. If a stock is in an uptrend, we can only go long on the stock.

For example, the daily chart for the stock SHOP is in a long term uptrend, so we can only buy the stock instead of shorting it. Shorting a stock that are going strong is looking for trouble. Preferably, we want to establish a long position as close to the trend line as possible.

Microsoft's weekly stock chart is pointing upward, so we can only established a long position if we were to swing trade this stock. After we we study the weekly chart, we should look at the daily chart to find an optimal point to buy the stock.

Before we trade any stock, we should have a stop loss so that we can exit a trade if it doesn't work out. We should set the stop loss a little below the trend line to avoid being shaken out and adjust our stop loss upward to lock in profit.

How to Find Uptrend Stocks

There are a few different stock screeners that you can find uptrend stocks, following are some of these screeners.

  1. Momentum stocks screener - find a list of stocks that are gaining momentum lately.
  2. Trending stocks screener - find stocks to utilize the trend following strategy with a list of trending stocks.
  3. 52 weeks high stocks screener - find stocks that made new 52 weeks high.
  4. Breakout stocks screener - looking for breakout stocks? This is the perfect stock screener to find a list of breakout stocks.
  5. Overbought stocks screener - just because of a stock is overbought doesn't mean it is time to sell. Some overbought stocks stay in the overbought zone for a very long time.
  6. MarketClub stock screener - you can find monthly weekly daily uptrend stocks based your strategy.

The above are just a few stock screeners on how to find uptrend stocks, there are many more strategies on how to find strong stocks to trade.
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