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Oversold Stocks

Oversold Stocks scans for the most oversold stocks today based on RSI momentum technical indicator. Oversold stocks are worth watching for traders because many stocks ended up bouncing back from a down trend.

Most Oversold Stocks Today

When the RSI technical indicator is below 30, a stock is considered oversold. When the RSI indicator pointing up from 30, it generates a bullish signal. The most oversold stocks today is useful for swing traders who are looking for stocks that have been beaten down recently, and has potential to bounce back. The oversold stocks today list is updated daily after market close.


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Symbol Chart Open High Low Close Volume % Change Buy or Sell
NMG 7.63 8.15 7.63 7.80 761300 4.70% NMG Buy or Sell
TAL 21.70 23.52 21.24 23.25 22274400 3.89% TAL Buy or Sell
ARCB 54.86 56.41 54.70 55.89 335100 3.21% ARCB Buy or Sell
WLTW 226.35 230.49 224.97 230.18 1342900 2.21% WLTW Buy or Sell
CAT 211.55 215.23 211.40 213.21 5600000 2.08% CAT Buy or Sell
PPC 21.42 21.94 21.35 21.69 667500 2.07% PPC Buy or Sell
ATXI 2.48 2.54 2.42 2.46 337200 2.07% ATXI Buy or Sell
ACAC 8.24 8.53 8.24 8.39 236400 2.07% ACAC Buy or Sell
ABG 159.13 163.57 158.64 161.31 224500 1.92% ABG Buy or Sell
NEOG 44.89 46.02 43.42 45.55 207700 1.83% NEOG Buy or Sell
PATK 71.60 73.20 71.18 72.74 240700 1.56% PATK Buy or Sell
RUSHA 42.40 43.13 41.93 42.52 335200 1.55% RUSHA Buy or Sell
AVT 39.01 39.95 39.00 39.42 729200 1.47% AVT Buy or Sell
NEM 63.24 63.75 62.30 63.43 10579400 1.29% NEM Buy or Sell
KGC 6.53 6.58 6.40 6.50 15400600 1.25% KGC Buy or Sell
C 68.44 69.09 67.88 68.45 29848500 1.24% C Buy or Sell
CP 76.49 77.24 76.28 76.82 1546600 1.17% CP Buy or Sell
ATHM 62.56 63.81 61.39 63.07 706100 1.12% ATHM Buy or Sell
TSN 73.00 73.62 72.72 73.57 1589500 1.11% TSN Buy or Sell
AU 19.13 19.19 18.85 19.07 3708500 0.95% AU Buy or Sell
CRIS 7.57 8.02 7.51 7.61 3647600 0.93% CRIS Buy or Sell
SNDR 21.39 21.72 21.31 21.47 886500 0.85% SNDR Buy or Sell
MFC 19.49 19.54 19.32 19.52 4126200 0.83% MFC Buy or Sell
ONEQ 54.55 55.00 54.14 54.95 217600 0.77% ONEQ Buy or Sell
TTD 60.68 62.25 59.12 61.26 6040100 0.62% TTD Buy or Sell
HEC 8.20 8.22 7.90 8.19 909000 0.61% HEC Buy or Sell
GLDI 8.59 8.62 8.56 8.61 228100 0.58% GLDI Buy or Sell
ORAN 11.80 11.88 11.79 11.88 624500 0.51% ORAN Buy or Sell
GFI 9.27 9.29 9.11 9.21 9473200 0.44% GFI Buy or Sell
ASTE 59.89 61.00 59.28 59.31 218400 0.39% ASTE Buy or Sell
TUP 20.02 20.68 20.02 20.34 1040600 0.30% TUP Buy or Sell
VSH 21.50 21.80 21.42 21.45 1434600 0.19% VSH Buy or Sell
IKT 2.93 2.94 2.80 2.90 1860900 0.00% IKT Buy or Sell
KPLT 10.75 10.75 10.11 10.25 823000 -4.12% KPLT Buy or Sell

What does Oversold Stock Mean

First, let's define what does oversold stock mean. Oversold stocks have different meaning depends on who you asked.

For a long term investor, a stock is considered oversold when it is trading under the true value based on fundamental data such as P/E ratio. If a stock's P/E ratio is at a historical low, it will be considered as cheap to long term value investors.

For technical traders, the perspective of oversold stocks are totally different than the measurements of P/E ratios of a company. As a short term trader, we determine whether a stock is oversold based on the RSI indicator or the stochastic oscillator.

When the RSI indicator drops below 30, the stock is considered oversold or when the stochastic oscillator drops below 20, it is also considered oversold. Often, these two technical indicators generate conflicting signals.

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How to Find Oversold Stocks

There are different ways to find oversold stocks depending on whether you are a technical short term trader or a long term investor.

Since we are at a technical stock trading site, we will only be discussing on how to find oversold stocks based on the technical indicators.

This page lists all the stocks that are oversold based on the RSI indicator (below 30) with volume over 200,000. If you prefer to use the stochastic indicator, simply follow the below steps.

  1. Go to our main page
  2. Scroll down to find the stochastic indicator under the Technical Stock Screener
  3. Select the stochastic crossover from 0 & 30.
  4. Hit the submit button, and you will get a list of stocks that are oversold based on the stochastic indicator.

Oversold Trading Strategy

As a technical trader, we should never rely on a single indicator. We should use multiple technical indicators and chart patterns to generate a buy and sell signal. It is recommended that a trader combines the RSI or the stochastic with other indicators for best results.

Let's take a look at a chart example.

The oversold stock signal based on the RSI indicator works out well for the stock COUP. During mid March, the stock form three bullish signals.

  1. RSI drops below 30 and bounces back above the RSI oversold few days later
  2. MACD made a crossover which is another bullish sign
  3. On top of that, the stock is trading at an usually high volume on the day that it bounced back from the bottom.
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Bottom Line

I wish to tell you that every trade works out as well as this one, but that's not the case. Often times, a stock fails to go up and you need to get out at a loss or break even. You need to have a plan before you enter a trade and have an exit strategy to get out when things are not working out.

Please understand that just because a stock is oversold based on the technical indicator doesn't mean it has reach the bottom.

There are many factors that may cause the down trend, such as the general market is in a negative territory, or the economy is in trouble, or the industry is not doing good, or the stock itself may be in trouble.

During a downtrend, a stock can be in the oversold territory for a very long time. A trader has to be careful not to jump in on a trade too early otherwise he will end up losing money.

Buying a stock during downtrend is like catching a falling knife, the odds are against you. Conservative traders should wait for signs of recovery and set tight stop loss to buy oversold stocks.

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Oversold Penny Stocks

This list does not include penny stocks. For those who are interested in oversold penny stocks, use the penny stocks scanner.

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