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Oversold Stocks

Oversold Stocks is a list of the most oversold stocks today based on the RSI momentum technical indicator. Oversold stocks are worth watching for traders because they might bounce back.

When the technical indicator RSI is below 30, a stock is considered an oversold stock. When the RSI indicator and pointing up from 30, it generates a bullish signal. The following list of stocks are considered oversold. To learn more about stock trading, check out Trending Stock Strategies.

Most Oversold Stocks Today

The following shows a list of the most oversold stocks today that is based on the RSI indicator. If you want to find stocks that are oversold based on other technical indicators, try stochastic screener. You can learn how to find oversold stocks and how to trade them in our blog. Please keep in mind that many oversold stocks keeps trading lower, so traders must be careful and have proper stop loss for each trade they enter.


Symbol Chart Open High Low Close Volume % Change Buy or Sell
YRIV 2.53 2.86 2.46 2.82 411770 12.35% YRIV Buy or Sell
NLS 6.88 7.39 6.87 7.32 987700 6.71% NLS Buy or Sell
PCG 7.96 8.05 7.52 7.99 21572583 3.77% PCG Buy or Sell
APTX 5.74 6.24 5.50 5.88 767500 2.80% APTX Buy or Sell
SIG 23.88 24.80 23.85 24.40 1965040 1.92% SIG Buy or Sell
STNLU 10.40 10.40 10.40 10.40 750000 1.46% STNLU Buy or Sell
TI 5.09 5.10 4.98 4.98 329200 0.61% TI Buy or Sell
VYGR 8.26 8.67 8.09 8.21 282900 0.12% VYGR Buy or Sell

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