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Bottom Fishing Stock Screener

Bottom Fishing Stock Screener to scan for stocks that are falling. Some of these stocks may reach the bottom. However, it is not recommended to buy bottom fishing stocks because the stock may keep falling. Traders should always wait for some rebound signal before jump on a trade.

Bottom Fishing Stocks

The bottom fishing stocks will be updated at the end of each trading day with stocks that are falling or may approach support in technical setups.


Symbol Chart Open High Low Close Volume % Change Stock Predictions
X 10.55 10.67 10.42 10.42 10529600 -0.76% X Stock Predictions
VAL 6.20 6.33 6.00 6.02 2955900 -1.63% VAL Stock Predictions
LABD 11.57 11.83 11.38 11.54 3159000 -2.20% LABD Stock Predictions

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Bottom Fishing Stocks Techniques

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