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Stocks Down 5 Days In a Row

Stocks Down 5 Days In a Row is a stock scanner to search and find stocks with 5 consecutive down days in a row in the stock market. The multiple up days screener gives you the option to find stocks tht are up or down up to 10 days in a row.

Stocks days in a row
Symbol Chart Open High Low Close Volume % Change
ADP 242.98 243.65 240.93 242.62 1.09M -0.68%
ORI 29.54 29.79 29.51 29.65 1.25M -0.77%
CAG 28.50 28.85 28.29 28.34 3.82M -0.81%
QID 39.50 39.58 39.05 39.05 5.35M -0.96%
SQQQ 8.57 8.60 8.42 8.43 111.49M -1.29%
PYPL 61.29 61.64 60.31 60.63 10.34M -1.48%
G 31.29 31.29 30.84 30.95 1.5M -1.53%
FNGD 26.08 26.23 25.43 25.58 1.46M -1.58%
HXL 62.81 62.81 61.63 62.25 1.42M -1.86%
WYNN 89.61 89.99 87.79 88.80 2.67M -1.87%
LKQ 40.90 40.90 39.72 40.29 1.74M -2.30%
UNM 49.45 49.65 48.41 48.48 1.06M -2.53%
VSAT 13.66 13.74 13.16 13.41 1.94M -2.83%
MRVI 7.71 7.76 7.46 7.52 1.56M -3.09%
MO 44.49 44.55 43.83 44.32 10.65M -3.13%
APTV 73.64 73.80 70.11 70.30 3.01M -5.65%
VLCN 6.42 7.23 4.35 4.73 1.02M -20.24%

stocks down 4 days in a row
stocks down 6 days in a row

How to trade stocks up multiple days in a row

When a stock is trading up multiple days in a row, there is a chance the stock may be due for a pullback depending on the percentage of the rise.

One strategy to trade a stock that is up multiple days is to wait for a pullback before getting in.

A second strategy is to buy the stock and hope for the rally to continue, but set a tight stop loss close to the entry price. That way, if the stock does pull back, you are protected from minimum losses.

How to trade stocks down multiple days in a row

When a stock is trading down multiple days in a row, check whether the general market is down as well.

Sometimes, a stock can go up or down which has nothing to do with its own, but everything to do with the general market sentiment.

If a stock is down for multiple days while the general market is up, that is a bad sign for the stock.

One strategy to trade is to wait for a few more days and see if the stock recovers. If it does, you can buy some shares hoping for a reversal. You will also set a tight stop loss on your trade so that you exit the stock if the reversal doesn't come.

If a stock drops multiple days in a row while the market is down at the same time, there is a good chance the stock may have been dragged down by the general market. In this case, you might be able to pick up some undervalued stocks at a cheap price.

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