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MACD stock screener scans the stock market for bullish and bearish MACD patterns. Moving average convergence divergence or MACD is a technical indicator that is widely used by traders to find profitable trading setups.

MACD Screener

MACD Crossover
MACD Crossover Above 0
MACD Divergence

MACD Cross Down
MACD Cross Down Below 0
MACD Bearish Divergence

Symbol Chart Open High Low Close Volume % Change
RGS 22.73 28.96 22.73 28.35 277.5K 24.67%
CAAS 3.84 4.26 3.81 4.12 954.8K 17.38%
WWW 13.55 13.98 13.26 13.84 1.55M 9.06%
SBUX 74.66 79.38 74.19 79.27 32.91M 6.85%
SYK 333.37 341.39 331.97 340.95 2.42M 2.93%
TXRH 169.32 171.69 168.03 171.44 914.7K 1.68%
CHRW 87.63 88.90 86.79 88.86 1.4M 1.67%
WMB 43.64 44.18 43.29 44.00 8.86M 1.66%
DT 43.53 44.15 43.34 44.02 2.99M 1.22%
GO 21.29 21.61 21.03 21.57 1.41M 1.13%
MTZ 104.56 106.35 104.09 105.14 1.07M 0.83%
MPLX 42.86 43.24 42.78 43.11 968.3K 0.68%
ET 16.34 16.50 16.24 16.44 17.58M 0.55%
BKT 12.04 12.05 11.88 12.04 32.9K 0.00%
RPAY 9.80 9.86 9.72 9.75 447.4K -0.31%

How to Trade MACD?

Moving Average Convergence Divergence or MACD is a trend following technical indicator to find momentum stocks. The MACD indicator is derived from two moving averages and stock price. Whenever the MACD crossover the signal line, it indicates a bullish signal whereas an MACD cross down is a bearish signal. MACD should be used in combination with one or two other technical indicators to get the best results. A trader can use the MACD indicator along with RSI, stochastic, volume, candlestick and etc.

Let's look at the stock chart of SHOP and see how the MACD indicator work. Each time the chart pattern shows a MACD crossover, the stock ended up moving up. Please be aware that MACD is a lagging indicator because it derives from stock price. Therefore, when we buy a stock based on MACD, we will not be able to get in at the best price.

However, an MACD indicators can become a leading indicator when it divergence from stock price. For example, if a stock is still in a downtrend with declining price while MACD is going up, it produces a buy signal. On the other hand, when a stock is in an uptrend with MACD declining, this is a bad sign for the stock.
MACD divergence is useful in identifying stocks that are trading at the bottom or peak, but you won't see these types of patterns on stock charts very often. When you do recognize one, make sure you take advantage of it.

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To learn how to find stocks and trade profitably with the MACD indicator, read MACD Trading Strategy and How to trade MACD crossover

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