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Options Profit Calculator

Options profit calculator is used to calculate your options profits or losses. Options calculator is calculated based on options price, number of contracts, current stock price, strike price. The call options calculator calculate your total profit for your call options and the put options calculator calculates your profit for call options.

* Each contract is 100 shares

Options Calculator

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How to Calculate Options Profit

Follow the below steps to learn how to calculate options profit. Options price is calculated based on strike price and the current stock price.

Let's say the stock price for XYZ is trading at $50 and the options price for the stock is $1. You bought 5 contracts of call options (each contract is 100 shares) for XYZ, your total cost would be $1 x 500 = $500.

Assume the strike price for the options is $60, and the stock has risen to $70 since you bought the options. Here's how you calculate your options profit.

Total investment = $1 x 500 = $500

Current stock value = 500 x $70 = $35,000

Strike price value = 500 x $60 = $30,000

Profit Formula = Current stock value - Strike price value - Total Investment

Total Profit = $35,000 - $30,000 - $500 = $4,500.

Therefore, you made $4,500 on this options investment.

On the other hand, if the stock falls to $60 or under, then you just lose your initial investment of $500 for buying the option contracts.

You can do the calculation by yourself manually or you can just plugin the number to our options profit calculator to get the results quickly.

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