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Bullish Engulfing Stocks

The following is a list of bullish engulfing stocks. Bullish Engulfing is a candlestick pattern that produces a buy signal. When a bullish engulfing pattern occurs on a down trend, it often indicates a reversal trend is coming allowing a trader to get in early.

Bullish Engulfing Pattern is especially useful when combined with strong volume or with other technical indicators. Conservative traders should wait for a positive confirmation after a bullish engulfing pattern occurs for a symbol. The bullish engulfing screener scans the stock market each day and get you the list of bullish stocks today. To scan for other candlestick patterns, check out our candlestick scanner. To learn how candlestick patterns help you trade, read top candlestick patterns and How to trade Bullish Engulfing pattern.

Bullish Engulfing Screener

The bullish engulfing screener shows a list of the bullish engulfing stocks today trading on NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX.


Symbol Chart Open High Low Close Volume % Change Stock Forecast
GNLN 3.70 4.54 3.66 4.25 503200 14.56% GNLN Stock Forecast
OBLN 2.05 2.24 2.04 2.16 670900 4.85% OBLN Stock Forecast
CSU 4.17 4.44 4.12 4.39 98731 4.52% CSU Stock Forecast
LPCN 2.79 2.93 2.75 2.93 96500 3.53% LPCN Stock Forecast
BV 18.41 19.08 18.30 19.00 266600 3.04% BV Stock Forecast
USX 4.58 4.74 4.49 4.73 222700 2.60% USX Stock Forecast
LEN 52.50 54.22 52.43 54.15 3810800 1.98% LEN Stock Forecast
GLIBA 62.99 63.95 62.60 63.90 285000 1.27% GLIBA Stock Forecast
SNX 95.50 96.99 95.06 96.92 283300 1.03% SNX Stock Forecast

Bullish Engulfing Stocks Today

The above shows a list of bullish stocks today with bullish engulfing pattern. You can find the same stock list on our mobile apps.

Bullish Stocks

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