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MACD Crossover Screener

MACD Crossover is a bullish signal for technical traders such as swing trading and day trading. Our MACD Crossover Screener scans the stock market and find all stocks with a MACD bullish crossover pattern. MACD crossover works best when you combine it with other technical indicators rather than rely on it as a sole indicator.

MACD Crossover

The following is list of stocks with a MACD crossover pattern today detected by the MACD stock screener. For traders who use the MACD indicator, you may find some good trade setups with a bullish macd crossover pattern for your watchlist. The MACD screener is updated daily after market close.


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Symbol Chart Open High Low Close Volume % Change Buy or Sell
JNPR 28.42 30.09 28.00 29.82 10142000 8.48% JNPR Buy or Sell
XIN 1.14 1.30 1.14 1.20 717700 5.26% XIN Buy or Sell
HOG 36.14 38.80 36.00 36.73 7025300 3.55% HOG Buy or Sell
HZO 49.63 51.66 49.01 49.80 484400 2.72% HZO Buy or Sell
MGNX 19.00 19.81 18.80 19.54 448700 2.57% MGNX Buy or Sell
ACIU 6.27 6.45 6.19 6.38 254800 2.41% ACIU Buy or Sell
ADTN 17.59 18.09 17.59 18.00 280500 2.39% ADTN Buy or Sell
ALGN 591.28 615.25 583.38 604.39 1563100 1.87% ALGN Buy or Sell
GWB 34.10 34.98 34.00 34.53 314600 0.61% GWB Buy or Sell
MIN 3.59 3.65 3.59 3.62 477000 0.56% MIN Buy or Sell
IGIB 59.77 59.91 59.65 59.82 986700 0.35% IGIB Buy or Sell
VCIT 93.91 94.15 93.75 94.02 4658500 0.33% VCIT Buy or Sell
VGIT 67.06 67.18 66.90 67.11 899700 0.24% VGIT Buy or Sell
PZA 26.75 26.80 26.75 26.76 339300 0.22% PZA Buy or Sell
PACX 9.98 9.99 9.97 9.98 87700 0.20% PACX Buy or Sell
VMBS 53.09 53.18 53.06 53.16 1960800 0.19% VMBS Buy or Sell
IEI 129.20 129.36 128.88 129.28 1394000 0.17% IEI Buy or Sell
MBB 107.88 107.98 107.75 107.96 1312700 0.15% MBB Buy or Sell
WVE 4.42 4.62 4.20 4.39 7544100 0.00% WVE Buy or Sell
ERES 9.85 9.87 9.83 9.87 25100 0.00% ERES Buy or Sell
DIN 83.92 84.92 83.43 83.71 164000 -0.19% DIN Buy or Sell
BNR 14.08 14.78 13.52 14.28 201600 -0.21% BNR Buy or Sell
PKG 136.07 136.21 132.93 135.40 873800 -0.46% PKG Buy or Sell
MCRB 6.21 6.36 6.14 6.19 1021600 -0.48% MCRB Buy or Sell
ALLO 15.99 16.23 15.83 15.94 978800 -0.50% ALLO Buy or Sell
BAK 20.52 20.74 19.99 20.42 156800 -0.54% BAK Buy or Sell

What is MACD Crossover

MACD Crossover is a bullish signal for short term traders. The pattern occurs when the MACD line crossover the signal line.
Following are two charts that show how a MACD crossover look like.

In the above daily stock chart of COUP, the stock was oversold in March based on the RSI indicator (RSI below 30). It then cross above 30 which is a sign of recovery, and then the MACD crossover triggers a buy signal for COUP.

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The stock WORK had a very similar result as the COUP stock. It was oversold in mid March and then recovered where the RSI indicator cross above 30. The MACD then crossover the siginal line and the stock rose from there.

How to Trade MACD Crossover

Like any other technical indicator, MACD Crossover is a lagging indicator based on previous price data, so it will not work on every trade. Traders must be prepared to exit a trade when the MACD crossover pattern fails to deliver.

Short term swing traders usually use the daily stock charts to look for signals whereas day traders use intraday 5-minutes charts. It is recommended that traders combine the MACD Crossover pattern with one or two other indicators for finding entries for better results. In the above examples, we combined the MACD crossover with the RSI indicator.

Entry Strategy
  1. When the RSI cross above 30, we add the stock to our watchlist
  2. When the MACD crossover, it triggers a buy signal

Trade with the trend is a strategy that trend following traders use. To check if the general trend is up, use the weekly chart for swing trading, and the daily chart for day trading. For instance, if we want execute the above trade for COUP, trend following traders will want to check if the weekly chart for COUP is up. Making sure the longer term chart is trending up.

Stop Loss
We should always have a stop loss for any trade we enter. It could be anywhere from 2% to 6% depending on how volatile the stock is, and your own tolerance for risks. You have to test your stop loss with your own trading strategy to find the sweet spot. There is no single right answer for a stop loss.

Exit Strategy
  1. Profit Target - You can use a profit taking strategy to sell your stocks after a certain percentage gain.
  2. You can also use the MACD indicator to trigger a sell signal when it started to pointing downwards.
  3. You can also use ride with the trend until the stock shows weakness based on your technical indicators.
  4. You can move up your stop loss when the stock rises to lock in some of your profit.
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When the trade is working, there are unlimited ways that you can take profit. Most traders have problem taking a loss. Many let a small loss to become a big loss, and big losses to turned into disasters that ruined their portfolio.

To learn more about MACD crossover and combinning multiple technical indicators, read MACD Strategy article to learn how to use MACD indicator and MACD screener.

MACD Stock Screener

To find other MACD patterns such as MACD cross down, MACD crossover above 0, you can use our MACD stock screener below.
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