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Top 100 Penny Stocks

Below is a list of the top 100 penny stocks today. This penny stocks list includes all stocks trading on NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX. The top penny stock list does not include stocks from the OTC market.

Penny Stocks List

This top list of penny stocks is updated daily after market close. See below if you are looking for OTC penny stocks which is not included in this list.


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Symbol Chart Open High Low Close Volume % Change Stock Predictions
TYME 0.34 0.40 0.33 0.36 4275400 9.09% TYME Stock Predictions
YJ 0.63 0.69 0.61 0.68 176400 7.94% YJ Stock Predictions
TLSA 0.83 0.92 0.80 0.85 142000 7.59% TLSA Stock Predictions
MDNA 1.44 1.57 1.42 1.51 106500 7.09% MDNA Stock Predictions
EDTK 1.25 1.30 1.17 1.30 227700 6.56% EDTK Stock Predictions
MTCR 0.48 0.53 0.46 0.51 2486600 6.25% MTCR Stock Predictions
JUPW 0.86 0.90 0.81 0.86 499900 6.17% JUPW Stock Predictions
PSTV 0.87 0.93 0.85 0.92 399900 5.75% PSTV Stock Predictions
SNMP 0.38 0.39 0.35 0.37 1418000 5.71% SNMP Stock Predictions
MYSZ 0.37 0.42 0.37 0.39 1051100 5.41% MYSZ Stock Predictions
FAMI 0.23 0.25 0.20 0.21 107728500 5.00% FAMI Stock Predictions
CRDL 1.80 1.94 1.74 1.88 288700 4.44% CRDL Stock Predictions
SMTS 1.16 1.36 1.14 1.19 886500 4.39% SMTS Stock Predictions
HUSA 1.51 1.67 1.49 1.55 749600 4.03% HUSA Stock Predictions
XFOR 1.83 1.90 1.74 1.84 500700 3.95% XFOR Stock Predictions
VEON 1.38 1.43 1.34 1.38 8339200 3.76% VEON Stock Predictions
SVRA 1.13 1.18 1.10 1.17 181100 3.54% SVRA Stock Predictions
SHIP 0.87 0.90 0.86 0.89 2028600 3.49% SHIP Stock Predictions
NBY 0.30 0.33 0.29 0.30 623100 3.45% NBY Stock Predictions
VIOT 1.95 2.00 1.93 1.98 819500 3.13% VIOT Stock Predictions
ISR 0.32 0.36 0.32 0.35 504000 2.94% ISR Stock Predictions
TOUR 1.16 1.24 1.11 1.18 423500 2.61% TOUR Stock Predictions
PXS 0.43 0.43 0.40 0.42 193900 2.44% PXS Stock Predictions
NVIV 0.46 0.54 0.37 0.47 3991400 2.17% NVIV Stock Predictions
LGHL 0.91 1.00 0.90 0.95 242600 2.15% LGHL Stock Predictions
AMPE 0.48 0.49 0.46 0.49 1078800 2.08% AMPE Stock Predictions

How to Buy Penny Stocks

One powerful penny stock strategy is to wait for a big pull back after a penny stock has run up over 100%. The rise and fall must be within a short period of time. Usually, after a stock has pulled back over 65% or more, they may bounce back and regain some of the losses. The details of the penny stock strategy can be find in the How to Trade Penny Stocks article. In a nutshell, here's what we are looking for in a watchlist

  1. Stocks trading in the range of $0.8 to $5. They are trading on regular stock exchanges such as NASDAQ, NYSE, or AMEX. We are not looking to trade stocks listed on the OTCBB market as they are way too volatile.
  2. The stock rallies over 80% in the past 20 days with a single day spike of 30% or more. The volume must be huge compared to the normal days. The trading volume should be over 10 million on the day with the big spike.
  3. The stock has now fallen at least 40% from the peak closing price or 60% from the intraday high.

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How to Trade Penny Stocks

  1. Our stop loss is 10% for every trade that we make. We are looking for stocks that meet our technical criteria. One criteria is that the stock must be trading 10% from the previous low or support.
  2. Not only do we have to set a stop loss, we also set a time stop of 10 days. If the stock doesn't make any move in 10 days or less, we will also sell the stock.
  3. Set a target price of 20% or more. You can adjust this according to your trades.

For example, BYFC matched our criteria of price range from $0.8-$5, and the stock rallies over 300% with huge volume, and then falls over 60% from the intrady peak high of $7.23. The stock then falls over 65% and we add it to our watch list. We will only buy the stock if the price is 10% within the previous support and that happens on the 6/29. If you bought the stock on 6/29, you will have a nice gain the next day when it gaped up.

Another stock that did well following the above setup was GNUS. It met all our conditions, and it bounces when it hit the support line.

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Final Words

Please note, not every trade works out as beautifully as these two. When a trade doesn't work out, we must have the courage to exit a losing trade with a 10% loss. We must not let our ego get in the way and convinces us to continue to hold on to a losing position. Yes, it feels bad when a penny stock bounces back right after we exit the trade with a 10% loss, but we will come out ahead in the long term.
The reason is simple, most penny stocks go bankrupt or get desisted from the major stock exchanges in the long term. If we buy and hold a penny stock for the long term, we are putting on too much risks. While we hold on to a losing position for too long, not only it crushes our self self esteem to be discipline, we are also missing out other profitable trading opportunities.
The rule of penny stock trading is to first protect our money, and then aims for profit, not the other way around.
To learn more about this penny stock strategies, read our step by step guide to penny stocks trading.

How to Find Trending Penny Stocks

There are two ways that you can find trending penny stocks. You can use our free penny stock screener to find daily hot stocks or if you are interested in OTC penny stocks, you can try top 10 penny stocks or OTC Penny Stocks.
You can also use the following penny stock apps to search stocks on your mobile phones.
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