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Stocks Under $1

Best penny stocks under $1 for 2021 - Find a list of top penny stocks to trade for February. This penny stocks list is updated daily to search for top gainers and losers of the day. This list includes stocks under $1 on Robinhood that you can trade with and are all listed on NYSE and NASDAQ, unlike OTCBB stocks in which you cannot trade with the Robinhood app.

Last updated: Feb 26, 2021
Symbol Chart Open High Low Close Volume % Change Stock Predictions
NAK 0.88 0.93 0.74 0.79 152579900 12.86% NAK Stock Predictions
CSCW 0.90 0.98 0.85 0.92 6333900 3.37% CSCW Stock Predictions
STAF 0.91 0.95 0.90 0.91 2111500 0.00% STAF Stock Predictions
TRX 0.70 0.72 0.66 0.70 3914700 0.00% TRX Stock Predictions
CTRM 1.03 1.07 0.94 1.00 77233100 -0.99% CTRM Stock Predictions
BIOL 0.90 0.99 0.89 0.91 7883300 -1.09% BIOL Stock Predictions
CYRN 0.94 0.96 0.86 0.91 2126900 -1.09% CYRN Stock Predictions
GEN 0.78 0.84 0.76 0.79 1418500 -1.25% GEN Stock Predictions
ITP 0.80 0.81 0.75 0.76 13488500 -2.56% ITP Stock Predictions
SYN 0.70 0.71 0.65 0.67 10325100 -2.90% SYN Stock Predictions
GPL 0.93 0.95 0.87 0.93 5365200 -3.13% GPL Stock Predictions
VGZ 0.95 0.97 0.89 0.93 827500 -3.13% VGZ Stock Predictions
CPHI 0.90 0.92 0.84 0.89 510800 -3.26% CPHI Stock Predictions
AUMN 0.77 0.79 0.74 0.77 1720700 -3.75% AUMN Stock Predictions
XPL 0.98 1.07 0.92 0.94 5960100 -4.08% XPL Stock Predictions
NSPR 0.89 0.93 0.82 0.86 10655200 -4.44% NSPR Stock Predictions
GTE 0.89 0.89 0.80 0.85 13374100 -4.49% GTE Stock Predictions
ADXS 0.88 0.91 0.82 0.84 5861200 -4.55% ADXS Stock Predictions
GSV 0.64 0.65 0.58 0.62 8855100 -4.62% GSV Stock Predictions
PTN 0.80 0.82 0.76 0.78 3277400 -4.88% PTN Stock Predictions
ACST 0.75 0.78 0.70 0.72 16018000 -5.26% ACST Stock Predictions
NEOS 0.86 0.90 0.83 0.85 1566900 -5.56% NEOS Stock Predictions
AAU 0.77 0.78 0.72 0.73 2253700 -7.59% AAU Stock Predictions
TLGT 0.96 0.96 0.87 0.89 2838700 -8.25% TLGT Stock Predictions
SDPI 1.00 1.02 0.91 0.95 1019800 -8.65% SDPI Stock Predictions
ASRT 0.94 0.95 0.85 0.85 11305900 -10.53% ASRT Stock Predictions
RIBT 1.13 1.15 0.96 0.96 1281600 -15.04% RIBT Stock Predictions
GHSI 0.51 0.59 0.50 0.50 73333700 -27.54% GHSI Stock Predictions

published on December 24, 2020

Penny Stocks to Watch Next Week

Following are the top 13 penny stocks to watch for next week. These stocks does not meet our trading criteria yet, but they may next week.

  • AeroCentury Corp (AMEX:ACY)
  • Anchiano Therapeutics Ltd ADR (NASDAQ:ANCN)
  • Biocardia Inc (NASDAQ:BCDA)
  • Bionano Genomics Inc (NASDAQ:BNGO)
  • Concord Medical Services Holding Ltd. (NYSE:CCM)
  • Second Sight (NASDAQ:EYES)
  • Immutep Ltd ADR (NASDAQ:IMMP)
  • Indonesia Energy Corp Ltd (AMEX:INDO)
  • Microvision, Inc (NASDAQ:MVIS)
  • Regional Health Properties (AMEX:RHE)
  • Seligman Lasalle Intl Real Est Fund Inc (NASDAQ:SLS)
  • Tenax Therapeutics (NASDAQ:TENX)
  • Mingzhu Logistics Holdings Limited (NASDAQ:YGMZ)

How to Trade Stocks Under $1

There are two kinds of penny stocks that are trading under $1. Those that trade on regular stock exchanges such as the NASDAQ, NYSE and AMEX, and then the ones that are trading on the OTCBB market.

To trade stocks under $1, we must understand why stocks are trading below $1 per share. The reason is simple, most stocks that are trading under $1 are either having temporary financial difficulties or struggling to survive. There are very few companies with competitive products, making good money, and are trading below $1 per share. The market is always right, so to invest in stocks under $1 in the long term is a very risk bet.

However, there are still money to be made when we trade stocks under $1 for the short term instead of investing in the company for the long term. We want to buy a penny stock and sell it within 10 days and trying to profit by the price fluctuation of these 10 days. Penny stocks are volatile, so while it is easy to make a quick 20% gain on a trade, it is equally easy to lose a 20% on a trade.

1 Simple Options Strategy - 738% ROI

Mental Discipline

To gain an advantage in trading penny stocks, we must study technical analysis and stock chart patterns, and develop the discipline that is needed to success in penny stocks trading. Remember, in order for a trader to make money on trade, another trader must be losing taking on the opposite side of that trade. Nobody wants to lose money in the market, yet most people who trade loses.

Among the ones who lose money, many are very intelligent in their own field, such as lawyers, doctors, engineers and others. The key to winning in the stock market has nothing to do with intelligence or your education level. It is about how much time you dedicated into studying the market and yourself. Studying the market is obvious, but studying yourself might not be obvious.

Most beginners never realized trading psychology is more important than any tool, method, or trading system you have. In order to beat the market consistently, you need to control your emotions, and have the proper trading psychology to make money in the stock market.

Traders without discipline may be able to make a few profitable trades following certain stock chart patterns, but they will eventually give it all back plus some more. This happens frequently to traders who have ego problems. They want to brag to their friends and families about their trades, and their stock picking skills. Whenever they are in a losing position, they just allow the losses getting bigger and bigger until it crushes their whole portfolio.

Two traders who follow the exact same strategy may produce drastically different results. To improve your trading results, you must know your inner self and upgrade as you gain more experience.

Penny Stock Rules

You don't need complicated trading system, method or strategies to make money in stocks. However, you need to be able to develop the mental attitude and discipline to follow through your trades and the rules that you set alone the way.

Following is a few basic rules that you need to follow before you put on any trade.

  1. Stop Loss - You must have a stop loss for all your trades. I personally use a 10-12% stop loss for penny stocks trading because low price stocks are more volatile than regular stocks. You can use a small stop loss if you want, but we don't recommend anything higher than 12%. Once your stop loss is hit, exit the trade no matter what the market tells you.
  2. Profit Target - Set a maximum profit target for your trades. You can set a profit target of 30%, but if a trade doesn't feel right, you can always exit early.
  3. Time Stop - If a trade doesn't move in 10 trading days, you should exit the trade no matter what. The longer we stay on a trade, the riskier it gets. As we stated above, most low price stocks tend to go bankrupt in the long run.
  4. Add your own set of rules as you gain more experience.

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Penny Stock Strategies

Our penny stock strategy is a simple one. You can adjust or modify it for your own needs. We originally presented the system in How to Buy Penny Stocks.

In summary, we are looking for stocks that made big moves recently and then decline sharply and are approaching the previous support level. Usually, these stocks maybe rally again, although they may not reach their previously peak, but substantial money can still be made trading these stocks.

Here are the conditions of the stocks we will be watching.

  1. A stock must rises over 80% or more in a day or across multiple consecutive days, with at least a 30% rise on a single day.
  2. The day where the stock spikes should have much more volume than the average trading volume of the stock
  3. The stock is falling over 60% from the peak intraday high, or 40% from the peak closing price with very low volume.
  4. We are looking for stocks that are falling and is approaching the previous low, we can only buy a stock when it is within 10% from the previous support when our stop loss is 10%. The closer the price is from the support, the better because then we can set smaller stop losses. In other words, we can buy the stock when it is only 5% from the support, but we can't buy a stock when it is 20% away from the support.
  5. Set 10% stop loss
  6. Set target price of 30%, you can adjust this number based on your own trades.
  7. Set time exit of 10 days, if a stock didn't make any move in days, and did not hit our target price, we will exit the trade.

Following are some examples of how to select winning stocks using our penny stock strategy.

On June 1, AESE is trading at a peak of $5.94 which is over a 300% gain from the closing pricing two days earlier. In addition, the stock went up with huge volume, almost 80 million shares were traded that day which is much large than the average volume of 100,000 prior to June 1. The stock then declined to a low of $1.96 in about 10 trading sessions.

Following our trading system above, we would have added the stock to our watchlist when the stock declines 60% from the 6/1 intraday high of $5.94. The technical setup looks good becauseĀ  the stock is approaching the previous support which is $1.83 from May 28's closing price.

  1. Assume we buy the stock when it was 9% from the support which happened on 6/17, which makes our entry price $2.01.
  2. Set stop loss of 10% which makes our stop loss price of $1.81
  3. Set profit target of 30% which makes our exit price of $2.61

The stock hit a low of $1.96, so it didn't hit our stop loss and the stock gaped up June 18 at a price of $3.26. If we sell it at the open, we would have made a profit of 62% the next day even though our profit target was only 30%.

Another recent success example is BYFC. The stock hit a new high of $7.23 on June 19, which is over 400% gain from the closing price two days ago. The stock spiked over 150% on a single day with volume over 170 million which is much higher than the normal trading volume for the stock. It then retrieves over 65% with light volume, and that's when we add the stock to our watchlist. However, we won't buy the stock until the price is within 10% from the previous support or $1.7. In other words, if our stop loss is 10%, we want to buy at a price so that it doesn't hit our stop loss at the support.

  1. Assume we buy this stock at the price around $1.82 which is about 7% from the support of $1.7. We would have bought the stock on June 26.
  2. Set stop loss of $1.64 which is 10% from our entry price.
  3. Set profit target of 30% or $2.5

The stock gaped up two days later at $3.16. We would have made a profit of 73% on this trade should we follow our strategy.

To learn more about this strategy, read penny stock strategies.

Final Words

The examples we showed above were winning trades. But you will find yourself with many unsuccessful trades, either the stock hit your stop loss or fails to make a move before your time exit. Do not let a 10% loss to be turn into a 50% loss or even bigger loss.

Trading is not science, a lot of times we will miss a potential profitable trade by placing our entry price only a few cents too low. Other times, we may set our stop loss too tight and see a stock rebound right after our stop loss is hit. There is no need to kick yourself or be emotional when that happens. Missing out is part of the game, and you will just have to learn to live with that.

The hardest part of trading is not the time it takes to develop a winning strategy, it is the time that it takes to develop a winning attitude. It is easy to study stock charts and technical patterns to come up with a pattern that works, but it is ten times harder to take a loss when the pattern fails on some trades.

Have a plan before you enter a trade and follow your buying and selling rules. You can adjust and optimize a trading system and strategy as you gain more experiences. However, one thing you should never change, and that is stop loss and time loss. Once your stop loss or time loss is hit, exit the trade.

Trade with logic, not with your emotions. No matter what or how you feel, the market won't response to your feelings or emotions. It doesn't care if you are getting hurt or crushed. Therefore, you must develop the mental discipline that is required for success in trading the stock market.

Always remember our goal is to first protect our capital, and then profit. We don't want to take excessive risks in any trade. Being emotionless is important in trading, and the only time that you can be emotionless is when you are trading with the money that you can afford to lose. Do not take out a loan or borrow money to trade. It is risky enough to trade stocks, and it is even more riskier to trade penny stocks.

Recent Winners

Following the penny stock trading strategies layout above, here are a few recent winners, IGC, MOGU, NTN and MPT. Please note none of the penny stocks are meant to be hold for the long term. Once a stock pops and hit our target, we should sell it right away because there is a good chance that the stock will dip again the next day. We can't afford to miss any chance to exit a profit trade. I always set a GTC (good till canceled) limit order to sell just in case. Sometimes, I adjust the price of my limit orders during intraday when the trade is already working in our favor. I use a mental stop loss order for my losing trades.

How to Find Stocks Under $1

You can use the penny stock search to find low price penny stocks with volume filter. You can also use the Top 10 Penny Stocks to get trading ideas.

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