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Support and Resistance Screener

Support and Resistance Screener is a stock screener to find a list of stocks that are currently trading at or approaching the support level. Stocks hitting support is useful for swing traders and day traders to find stocks at the bottom. To learn how to swing trade using the buy at support and sell at resistance strategy, check out the Swing Trading Strategies page.

Stocks Hitting Support

Stocks hitting support screener is updated at the end of each day. To get the latest list, please check this page.


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Symbol Chart Open High Low Close Volume % Change Stock Predictions
TRUE 2.53 2.59 2.51 2.57 724200 2.39% TRUE Stock Predictions
DWSH 8.67 8.70 8.48 8.70 906500 -0.46% DWSH Stock Predictions
ORGO 4.90 4.92 4.69 4.78 1750000 -0.62% ORGO Stock Predictions
ALKS 25.63 25.76 25.24 25.47 1117900 -0.70% ALKS Stock Predictions
RETA 21.77 22.03 20.78 20.96 767200 -2.78% RETA Stock Predictions
XP 19.60 19.68 18.47 18.77 11462800 -8.57% XP Stock Predictions
PAAS 19.21 19.41 17.63 17.83 11639700 -15.42% PAAS Stock Predictions
EQRX 6.04 6.05 4.68 4.72 3242600 -21.20% EQRX Stock Predictions

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Trading Strategy

Stocks trading at support is worth watching because they may bounce back. If a stock keeps trading in the range of $5-$8, the $5 is the support and $8 is the resistance. The next time the stock approaches the support or $5, there is a good chance the stock is at the bottom. Therefore, it is a good signal to enter a long position when the stock is trading around $5.

The longer the stock is trading in that range, the better. If the stock has been trading in the $5-$8 range for the past year, the probability of a bounce back from $5 is higher than if it were only trading in that range for 2 months.

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For example, the stock ACBI is trading in the range of $9 to $14 in the past four months. If the stock approaches to the $9 level again in the future, it triggers a buy signal. Every time, it approaches $14, it triggers a sell signal.

If we were to buy the stock at around $9, we should place our stop loss right below $9. When the support is broken, the old support becomes a new resistance and the stock may fall even further. In this case, ff the stock drops below $9, it could go much lower. If we were to short this stock at $14, we must cover after the stock rallies above $14 because the old resistance now becomes the new support and the stock could rise even more. When we are looking for entries to go long when a stock hits support, we should use chart patterns and technical indicators to improve our odds of picking a winning trade.

For example, if a stock bounce back from support with strong volume, it is generally a good signal to go long. If a double bottom or triple bottom is forming when a stock approaches support, these are also considered bullish signals.

Even though a stock might be giving a buy signal, it doesn't mean it will follow through. Traders should have the discipline to take a loss and exit the trade when it becomes obvious the trade is not working out.

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The problem with most beginners is they tend to fall into with a certain chart pattern. They believe that a pattern has worked in the past, and it must continue to work 100% of the time in the future which is obviously false. Other traders have a big ego problem and they do not allow themselves to lose on any trade. They wait and hope the losing trades will turn around so that they can exit their positions breaking even. With that being say, always have a stop loss on your trades and exit the trades when your stop loss are hit.

To learn more about trading stocks at support, read support and resistance.

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