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MarketClub Review - How to Find Profitable Stocks

MarketClub is a web based trading software that I've been using to find profitable trades. The platform combines a scanning system, charting platform, trading system and trader education all in one place. It covers stocks, forex, futures and mutual fund. The platform is useful for day traders, swing traders and long term investors as it offers scanning for different time frames.

Stock Scanning for Trending Stocks

MarketClub has a stock scanning platform that allows traders to search for bullish and bearish stocks based on their Trade Triangles technology. It rates each stock on a score from -100 to +100 where -100 being the most bearish and +100 as the most bullish. You can filter stocks by your prefer time frame such as daily, weekly and monthly. Short term traders will find the daily and weekly trade triangles helpful while long term investor might find stocks they like from the monthly trade triangles. Using the trade triangle system, I've found a lot of profitable trade setups and new symbols for swing trading. 

My Strategy

I use the stock scanning system to find a list of stocks with a score of 90+. These stocks are either trending up or momentum stocks that are going strong. By focusing only on the stocks with a score of 90 - 100, I eliminate 90% of stocks that are on a down trend or trading on the sideline. Then I manually study the charts of these stocks and determine which ones I want to watch or trade.

MarketClub has a Smart Scan which is a technical stock screener that has the ability to find long term and short term trending stocks, as well as long term and short term stocks that are trending down which is perfect for traders who want to find stocks to short. You can also use moving average to scan for stocks such as daily moving averages recently increasing over past performance. (10dma > 20dma > 50dma).

All these stock scanning functions can be further filter down by price and volume giving you the most comprehensive custom search.

Stock Alerts

MarketClub has a stock alerts system that allows you to setup custom stock alert, so that you will never miss a trade that you like. You can setup alert based a price breakout a certain price level, daily, weekly, and monthly trade triangles, chart analysis showing positive or negative scores, charts making 1 week, 3 week, 4 week, 52 week high and lows, stock charts that are showing weak or strong trend patterns and so on. You will get an email alert once a stock match up with your filtering criteria.

Stock Charting Platform

MarketClub has a nice stock charting platform where you can see all the technical indicators on a stock chart as well as the score giving to each symbol. You can also draw trend lines and fibonacci retracement on the chart. Trade triangles are also on the chart so you know where is the buying and selling signals.

Trade School

MarketClub comes with a feature called trade school where you can download pdf and audio files from expert traders. They teach you a lot about stock trading and technical analysis. This is especially helpful if you are a stock market beginners. Even if you are an experienced trader, you will still learn a few tips from these people. You can have all the trading tools and system in the world, but if you don't invest the time to learn about stock trading, you will still fail to make money trading stocks.

MarketClub Review

Here's my MarketClub review after years of using it for swing trading. I like their trading platform as a swing trader, although sometimes they gave a trading signal that is a little late, that also protects you from risky trades. The trick in stock trading is to be patient and wait for the right trade setups, not over trading. Their system is useful for beginners as well as advanced traders to find stocks that are currently trending.

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