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Pattern stock scanner is an advanced technical stock screener to find profitable swing trading setups based on technical analysis and chart patterns. Swing trade stock screener to filter the stock market and search for the best stocks for swing trading or day trading.

What is a stock screener?

A stock screener is a tool used to help investors and traders find stocks that meet their investing criteria.

Long-term investors may look for stocks based on the PE ratio while a short-term trader may look for stocks with low RSI.

There are thousands of publicly traded companies listed on the NASDAQ and NYSE stock exchanges. It would take forever for an investor to manually look for stocks that meet their trading criteria. That's where a stock screener comes in and solves the problem of looking for stocks manually.

What is a fundamental stock screener?

A fundamental stock screener is used by long-term investors who are looking to buy stocks based on a company's fundamental information, such as the income statement, balance sheets, and cash flow statements.

With a fundamental stock screener, an investor can quickly find stocks that are undervalued based on the P/E ratio, or growth companies based on the EPS growth rate.

What is a technical stock screener?

A technical stock screener is used mostly by short term traders that are looking to trade stocks based on price actions, chart patterns, and technical indicators.

There are many technical indicators developed by traders to try to predict the short-term price moment of a stock.

A technical stock screener helps traders find stocks to trade based on these technical indicators.

Technical traders don't care how well a company is doing in the future, what they care about is that they can buy a stock at a lower price, and turn around to sell the stock at a higher price within a few weeks, days, or even hours.

This may sound easy, but it is difficult for most people. With the help of technical indicators and stock chart reading skills, traders improve the odds of making money in the stock market.

Some technical indicators work better than others depending on the market. However, keep in mind that there is no magic indicator that will work every time, or else no one will be working for a living. Let's just say trading is more of an art than science.

How to use our technical stock screener?

To use our technical stock screener, one must already be familiar with the different types of technical indicators and stock chart patterns.

For example, some traders use MACD to generate signals, while others use RSI, or the stochastic indicator to find oversold stocks. And then other traders rely on candlestick patterns to make trading decisions. Momentum traders like to use strong volume increases as an entry point.

All of these traders can easily find stocks based on these technical indicators using our stock screener. There are other custom indicators built-in for traders to find profitable stocks for swing trading.

To learn more, check out the article on how to use a stock screener. Following is a list of stock screeners that we offer.

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