Monthly Archives: July 2016

Stocks To Watch

All 4 of the following stocks are trending up. CDE is approaching new high and is definitely worth watching, the stock may pulled back temporary due to profit taking before it goes up again. GDX was on our trending list many times in the past and it is still trending up. Even at this price, the technical chart setup for the GDX etf still look good.

CDE trend analysis

CNX trend analysis

GDX trend analysis

X trend analysis

4 Stocks to Watch Tomorrow

The following is 4 stocks and etf to watch tomorrow. SPY is at a new high, and the trend may continue. BABA is going up nicely and the next resistance is at 82, if the stock break above 82, it may go to 86 soon. AMAT is trending up and is trading a little above resistance, the stock may pull back before going back up. NVDA is also trending and definitely worth watching in the coming days.

SPY trend analysis

BABA trend analysis

AMAT trend analysis

NVDA trend analysis