Swing Trading

This is an educational blog that teaches about stock trading and how the stock market works. You will learn about simple swing trading strategies to trade the stock market for profits. We focus on swing trading and use technical analysis to find trade setups when buying and selling stocks. You will also learn stock charting techniques that work for us as well as daily swing trade ideas.

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Swing Trading Stocks

The following is a list of trending stocks to watch tomorrow. These are trading ideas for swing trading and day trading. Check out Candlestick Patterns.

11 stocks to watch $ABY, $CARA, $GDX, $GSM, $MTG, $NLY, $PLNT, $QCP, $RRR, $STAY, $VRX
ABY Stock Analysis

CARA Stock Analysis

GDX Stock Analysis

GSM Stock Analysis

MTG Stock Analysis

NLY Stock Analysis

PLNT Stock Analysis

QCP Stock Analysis

RRR Stock Analysis

STAY Stock Analysis

VRX Stock Analysis

Stock Market Today

This is my stock watchlist for tomorrow. This is a watchlist, not a buy list. Do your own research before you buy any of the stock. Check out Candlestick Patterns.

6 stocks to watch $AMD, $BKD, $FEYE, $NRZ, $THC, $VRX
AMD Stock Analysis

BKD Stock Analysis

FEYE Stock Analysis

NRZ Stock Analysis

THC Stock Analysis

VRX Stock Analysis

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